Ideal Gokkasten Financially Supports New Student Complex

When we talk about businesses that are operating in the online casino industry, we often are not talking about the renovation of buildings. In most cases, these two things are not containing any similarities and nobody would expect that combining these two would result in something really innovating. However, a Dutch gambling company called iDeal Gokkasten announced their financial support in building a new student complex in the city of Amsterdam. A lot of students that are studying in the Netherlands are having a hard time to find a space in the capital of Holland. Because of the high crowded area, a lot of spaces are included with high rents and small surfaces in return. This is why the company Online iDeal Gokkasten decided to help these Dutch students by providing them a space where they are able to learn and grow.

The new complex will be located in the East area of the city, near the popular Artis Zoo. The new complex will be situated in a historical building that used to be a big library until 1988. Now, this building will be renovated and prepared for multiple rental spaces, allowing more than 20 students to eventually move in. The interior will be divided in separate rooms, including a luxurious kitchen, big living room space and even an indoor cinema. Online iDeal Gokkasten will cover all the construction costs, new furniture and even extra facilities such as the cinema chairs. Since the building used to be an old library, the plans to remain one room as a library are also present. With this library, students will be able to study in a quiet room without getting interrupted and where they are able to find the best study books.

The financial support of Online iDeal Gokkasten is very inspiring to other companies and we can already see some new activities going on. The estimated delivery date of the complex project will be around the first quarter of next year, which is already happening really fast. After the construction, a Dutch design studio will be implement their interior designs in to the building. Dutch stylist Annemieke de Jong will be responsible for the entire styling of the public spaces in the complex. The entire project will be finished before the new school year begins. Students are now able to already apply for their own space on the official website of the complex. Since the amount of applies is very limited, the selection will be very strict. Therefore, you should also be really quick in order to use this new possibility.

Apartments Konta is really excited about this idea and we are very looking forward to this new project. The support of Online Ideal Gokkasten is something that a lot of companies can see as an example of how you can improve the education and life circumstances of many talented students. This doesn’t only apply to Dutch students, but all the people that are following an educational journey worldwide. More details about the complex project will be soon published on the website of Apartments Konta, so stay tuned for more updates!