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Looking for apartments to buy? We have the right options for you! Konta Apartment has different types of choices for you! All you have to do is check out our website and look for the listed apartments that match your budget. We got apartments in several different options for sizes, rooms, etc. Let’s look at the different types of apartments we offer for sale:

Studio Apartment

If you are staying alone or with a partner and do not require a large space, you can go for studio apartments, and we do have a good number of listings for those! Dining, kitchen, and even bedroom is usually fitted into one space for a studio apartment, and it is much more compact than other options.


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Multi-Bedroom Apartment

Looking for more than one bedroom in an apartment? You can go for multi-bedroom apartments. They are usually the right choice for large families, and you can also make sure that guests have a bedroom when you are staying in a multi-bedroom apartment.


With space for two different families, duplex apartments are larger and suitable if you are staying with another family or friends. Duplex can also be a suitable choice for large families. Generally, duplexes are costlier. So, you need to keep the price in mind before planning on getting a duplex.


Triplex is separated for three different families, giving a larger space compared to duplex.If you want a very large apartment for yourself and your family, and also want to make sure that guests have a separate section for themselves, triplex can be the right choice.


A townhouse is great for a family as it is exceptional and the most beautiful, amongst other choices in Hawaii. We have a few of them listed on our site, and you can easily pick from some of the best options!

Other options include different types of live and work styled apartments, lofts, luxury hi-rise, etc. Considering all the facts about the different types of apartments, when you think of the perfect place that can be suitable for both large and small families, you are thinking about Konta Apartment.

Process of Listing the Konta Apartment

We made sure that the location of the apartment is excellent and also found out whether or not the apartment meets our standard. We can assure you that the Konta Apartment is one of the best places you will find in Hawaii.

Konta has been one of our dearest projects. The apartment is mesmerizing in terms of looks and filled when it comes to functionality. As a result, you will be experiencing one of the best stay here in Konta.


How to Buy Konta Apartments?

Firstly, pick the best choice for you and/or your family. You can check out the pictures of the apartment or even visit the location to make sure it is the right choice. Then you can ask for a quote from us, and we will provide you the right price range for the apartment. Our transparent service allows you to trust us when it comes to the quality of the apartment, as well as the pricing. This is the right place for you to get all the details about Konta Apartments, whether you are trying to get a new apartment or getting one for rent!