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Are you willing to stay temporarily anywhere in Hawaii? Konta Apartments has the right solution for you! We also got apartments that are ready for rent! We are the best option in Honolulu for you to consider. Let’s look at some of the best locations available in Honolulu county for you!


A very friendly place where even strangers are treated as a family member. It is the most desired location in Honolulu county, and you can consider staying there. It is often hard to find the right apartment in Honolulu, but we got you covered! Konta Apartment is situated here in this place and you can get the right place to stay!


best locations


Kailua has around 36,000 people, and it is also another friendly place for you to stay! A lot of restaurants and parks are available there, and even though most people own their houses there, you can still find some places available for rent!


It may not be as good as Honolulu or Kailua, but it is still a desired location for many people! Everyone there is very nice and supportive, and you will be able to find an excellent community that will help you grow. It is also a safe place where the crime rate is very low.


With more than 27,000 people, this suburb of Honolulu is a quite nice place for many people. Students often stay there for studying, and if you are one of them, you will find a nice and cheap apartment option on Konta Apartments. There are many public and private schools in this place and a lot of recreational centers as well!

Mililani Mauka

The population of Mililani Mauka is around 20,000, and it is an excellent suburb of Honolulu where you can reside. Places for rents are available in this nice and quiet suburb with a beautiful environment! 23% of the people residing here pay rent, and you can do that too with Konta Apartments!

There are many more places in Honolulu where apartments are available for rent. However, we considere Honolulu as the best location since it is the heart of the county. So, if you are trying to get a place for rent, we would recommend Konta Apartments, as it is situated in one of the best locations or even the best location in Hawaii.


How to Rent Konta Apartments?

After visiting our site, you will find a large number of selections for rooms in Konta Apartments in Honolulu. You have to pick the one you are looking for and see the price range for the apartment. After that, you can easily get an apartment that is available for rent. We will contact you and provide you with further information about the apartment you are going to stay in. Make sure to read our terms and conditions before getting an apartment for rent, as we try to make sure that a positive relationship is present between our customers and us. The rates of Konta apartments available for rent differ as there are many options available. No matter if you are getting a small place or a larger one, we ensure you get a transparent view of our pricing and understand why we have put such a price range. As a result, no overpricing is tolerated when we are listing apartments for our customers!