Apartment Konta’s goal is to get you the home of your choice with all the facilities you need at your home for you, your family, and your pets. This page shows all the facilities the Konta Apartments have. You can enjoy all of these during your stay here in Konta, situated in Honolulu.

When getting a place to live, you can’t compromise with the facilities. Because they are the reasons that make up your decision to buy an apartment. If the facilities aren’t as good, then even if the apartment is one of the best or if it’s situated in a very good place, it doesn’t matter. The indoors should be as good as the outdoors too. That is not to say that a good outside look isn’t appreciated. Actually, outdoors is as important as the indoors for some people. With us, you will find the perfect balance between these two.

Good Schools

You need to get apartments near good schools for your children. Konta is situated in the vicinity of very good and renowned schools. You can also see that the apartment is near hospitals and malls because they are important as well. All the rooms in Konta apartments have good working utilities and other facilities as well. But, you should check them yourself when visiting an apartment. These facilities include 24/7 working gas, electricity, internet connection, cable connection, etc. We have garages for your vehicle too. You can check if the garages are big enough for your car or other vehicles in the photos and description provided on our website.


The most important thing about buying an apartment is making sure that you are paying the right sum. As in, to check if the price of the apartment you are interested in conforms to your budget. This is a very crucial topic in the matter of buying an apartment or any house of any kind. Visiting apartments and then finding out that the apartment is out of the budget is just a waste of time. But, you need not worry about it because we will give you the right quotation here on our site. Actually, we have many different categories on our website for convenient search. It helps our clients check apartments by keeping everything in mind.

important facilities

One of the most important facilities of Konta Apartment is the pet-friendly household. You may have your dog, cat, or other buddies, and you need to make sure that they can enjoy the outside with the presence of a good lawn. The indoor should also consist of enough resources and the right space that can contain pets. In Konta apartments, we made sure of that, and you can trust that your pets will be as welcomed as you when they arrive here!

great factor


Another great factor we needed to make sure is the security of the surroundings. Konta is situated in the safest neighborhood in Honolulu. With CCTV cameras watching every corner, and the people having a good lifestyle, the crime rate is incredibly low. So, you do not have to get mugged or robbed or get your house broken into when you pick Konta apartment as your preferred place to stay! So, why wait for your perfect home to be snatched away? Contact us now if you want to enjoy these facilities and find your dream home!