Utilities and Extras

Do not Forget to Ask about Utilities and Extras

People to need to remember that they will be paying for more than just the price of the apartment structure. It is not unusual for people to be fooled by a low price tag and be hit with a large utility tag on the other side. When visiting an apartment complex and trying to make a decision, ask if the utilities are included. In addition, be sure to ask about each utility individually because some apartment complexes will include some utilities while overlooking others. Common utilities that people need to ask about include water, electric, heat, and gas. Some apartments will cover multiple ultiies with the electric bill while others will split all of these out individually. Make sure to ask the right question.

What about Internet and Cable?

People often forget to ask about internet and cable when looking at an apartment; however, this can have major implications. First of all, ask if the apartment complex pays for the internet connection with the price of the apartment. Most apartment complexes do not but they will produce a list of plans for people to choose from. While there might be multiple options, they might be from the same provider. Ask if there are multiple providers to choose from as well as multiple plans from those providers. This will impact the quality and the price of the internet and cable for that building. In addition, people who are moving might be qualified for some incentives from their old and their new internet or cable provider. Many providers offer special deals for joining their service or for keeping their old service when they move to a new location. Be sure to ask the right questions because everyone enjoys getting free stuff.

Are there any other miscellaneous amenities?

There are several other items that people often overlook when asking about an apartment. First, ask if there is a valet for trash and recycling services. It is not uncommon for apartment complexes to offer services that will come and pick up the trash and recycling from people’s front doors. This can save a long walk to the trash and recycling dumpsters but apartment complexes often charge people monthly for this service. In addition, be sure to check and see if there are a dishwasher and garbage disposal in the kitchen. This can make cooking and cleaning significantly easier. Finally, make sure to ask if there are a washer and dryer in the apartment itself. Many people don’t enjoy walking the long flights of stairs down to the laundry unit where they are often forced to pay to use the machines. If there are a washer and dryer in the unit itself, this can save people a significant amount of work. In the end, there are many

In the end, there are many different factors that are in play when people are looking for a new apartment. It is important to remember to ask the right questions to avoid being surprised.