Don’t Neglect the Pet Policies

It is not unusual for people to have pets that they want to live with when they move to a new apartment. Therefore, people shouldn’t forget to ask the apartments about the pet policies for their complex. Almost every apartment complex has some restrictions when it comes to pets. Some apartment complexes allow all sorts of pets, other apartment complexes do not allow any pets at all, and almost every apartment complex falls somewhere in between. Before investing in an apartment, there are a number of factors that every person needs to consider.

Is there a deposit fee?

Be sure to ask the complex if people with pets are required to pay a deposit fee for having the pet. This is not uncommon among apartments and is put in place so that the complex has some money on hand in case the pet damages the apartment. Some apartments will multiply this fee for people that have additional pets. People shouldn’t stress if their pet is well-trained because people usually get this money back when they move out if the apartment is in good condition; however, some apartment complexes can be stingy with this money. Therefore, everyone should ask.

Is there a monthly fee?

Some apartment complexes handle pets a little different. They actually consider pets to be additional residents and therefore will charge their residents a monthly fee for having a pet in the apartment. This fee could change by the type of animal and could be multiplied for each additional pet. People might be surprised to have this monthly fee sneak up on them if they don’t ask the right question. Everyone should ask the apartment complex if there is a monthly fee before deciding on a certain building. Make sure to have all of the information.

Are there any breed restrictions?

While some apartment complexes are fine with any pet regardless of the type, other apartment complexes are noticeably stingier with what animals they let in. Everyone understands that certain breeds are more docile and other breeds are more aggressive. Some complexes do not want to allow in certain breeds because they might pose a safety risk to some of the residents. Make sure that the apartment complex allows the breeds that might be present in the apartment. Some people could be in for a surprise.

Are there are weight limits?

Some apartment complexes use breed restrictions and other apartment complexes use weight limits. People with larger animals might be surprised to learn this; however, apartment complexes are worried about larger animals damaging furniture and the apartment structure. Some complexes are also worried about the safety that larger animals could pose to some of the residents. Ask about weight limits as well.

Are there are numerical limits?

It is not unusual for apartment complexes to place numerical limits on the number of pets that people can have. People who live with large numbers of furry friends need to make sure that they can have all of their pets in the apartment before making a decision?

Is it a dog-friendly location?

Take a look around and see if there is a dog park or places for dogs to run around and get their exercise. Also, check and see if the dog would be easily found if it were to escape.